Sunnya Pty Ltd (Sunnya), established in August 2014, located in Sydney, Australia, Sunnya focuses on product research and development, manufacturing, and exporting.

At present, Sunnya has business across the globe, with Australia and China as the center, radiating to New Zealand, South Korea, and expanding the brand to the rest of the world. Neurio and Auscess are two independent brands under Sunnya, owning a series of functional food including Neurio baby formula goat milk powder, Auscess baby OPO formula milk powder, Neurio Lactoferrin, Neurio prebiotics and other supplements for the middle-aged and the elderly.

Jatcorp Ltd (JAT) , Australian listed company, became Sunnya’s holding company in October 2018, JAT also controls ANMA (Australian Natural milk Association Pty Ltd), a manufacturer licensed by the Chinese government to import infant formula milk powder into the Chinese market, so that Sunnya has achieved complete autonomy and control of the brand, industrial chain and quality.

In Australia, Sunnya has already established good cooperative relationship with Australia Woolworths Tmall International, HVK, Healthmore and other large wholesale and pharmacies. In China, Sunnya also has already established good cooperative relationship with online sale channels on many large online platforms, such as Tmall, Jindong, Koala, Vipshop and etc, and many large maternal and child chain channels, such as Haipaike, Kidswant, Babemax and etc.

Australia has the superior natural environment with vast amount of natural resources and sparsely populated land, at the same time ranking at the top for the number of cattle and sheep it possesses. Benefiting by Australia’s natural advantages, together with Sunnya’s profession, the company has determined a three-step strategy as managing Australian brands, developing Australian products and expanding the Chinese market. In the past five years, with the cooperation between the research and development institutions in Australia, the company settled its focus as to establish the brand as an Australian brand, whilst formulating a series of chain products. Under the joint efforts of its major sales teams around the world, Sunnya has built a satisfactory image and achieved steady improvement of the brand.

Sunnya adheres to the notion of “New for you, Health for you”, constantly transcending itself to pursue higher goals. The brand continues to explore more advanced health concepts, constantly researching and developing high quality products in line with the ever-changing market demand.
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